The RIV is on its way to City Council!

We are pleased to announce that last Tuesday (3/6), the City’s Planning Commission sent the RIV on to City Council with a recommendation of approval. The Commission’s approval addressed the following elements, found in Item #13 on the attached Planning Commission report (click to view/download):

  • A map adjustment
  • Building length for stadiums
  • Contextual setback in the Riparian Buffer
  • Standards for tower-on-base buildings
  • Addition of Transit-Oriented Bonuses
  • Additions to definitions (for Transit-Oriented bonus points)
  • Allowance for alternative build-to zones in the North Shore

The Department of City Planning will be making the suggested incorporations and edits and introducing the legislation to City Council in the next month. The City Council process will involve another public hearing, that will be preceded by written notice to owners of properties within the RIV District and within 150 feet of the boundary of the RIV District, and zone change notice postings throughout.

Additional Documents: