Get Involved!

Please visit our Upcoming Events page to learn about upcoming opportunities to get involved in the process!

The Riverfront Zoning Amendment process will build on the City’s previous outreach efforts to ensure that it is highly transparent and community-informed, with numerous opportunities for public involvement.

  • outreach-graphicThe outreach process will be directed by City Planning staff and a project Core Committee, with representation from affected communities, various land use interests, public interest organizations and government authorities.
  • A Stakeholder Committee, comprising a wider variety of interested groups and individuals will provide targeted feedback as work products are developed.
  • Industry-specific working groups will be convened, including (but not limited to) industrial riverfront users, residents, developers, environmental interests, and recreational users.
  • A variety of public events and open-houses will be planned to ensure numerous opportunities for members of the public to learn about the project and provide feedback.

In addition to the above, you can always comment through the form included on this website, or for more information contact Andrea Lavin-Kossis, Riverfront Development Coordinator.